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Real Estate Attorney in Greenville, NC

L. Allen Hahn Attorney at Law has served the Greenville, NC area as a real estate attorney for 35 years. With so many years of experience, he knows how to handle virtually every real estate transaction, from everyday home purchases to complex partition sales attorney services. Make sure that you are protecting the investment you’re making in your property, and contact Mr. Hahn at (252) 756-6970 to learn how he can represent you.

Real Estate Attorney, Greenville, NC
Greenville, NC, Partition Sales & Real Estate Attorney
Title Searches & Real Estate Closings

Legally speaking, a real estate transaction – whether you are buying a home, business, or farm – is quite complex. Mr. Hahn is here to help. He can perform a title search that will ensure that the property you are seeking to buy does not have any liens or judgments against it. He can also represent you during the entire real estate closing process, making sure your rights are protected and that you fully understand the proceedings. Buying real estate is a big investment, so don’t take any chances. Get an excellent real estate attorney to represent you. Call L. Allen Hahn Attorney at Law today to help you find the best answers to your legal questions!

Partition Sales Attorney

In addition to assisting with routine matters, Mr. Hahn is also proud to operate as a partition sales attorney. A partition sale occurs when multiple owners of a property sell their property and divide the proceeds. They can choose to do this voluntarily, or it may be ordered by a judge. In any case, the proceedings can be quite complex. Mr. Hahn represents property owners in these kinds of transactions, and you can count on him to make sure your interests are fairly represented.

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